Company Website Content and Management

A company’s website is not simply a place to upload ASX announcements. Utilising your website to not only provide up to date information on your company, but also interesting and relevant industry news makes you stand out from the crowd.

You want to be positioned as a thought leader in your industry. The website is a tool to ensure readers are converted into engaged followers – make sure yours is doing its job.

Our Services include
  • Complete transformation and modernisation of your website and online digital presence to attract investor attention
  • Integration of website with other StocksDigital services using ICAT to drive potential investors to your website
  • Creation and publishing of monthly, industry specific content on the website to transition your company into the ‘go-to’ source for relevant and important industry news
  • Your digital presence will reflect the quality of your company
  • Website will be fully responsive for all mobile devices

StocksDigital’s custom made websites are designed and tailored to pique investors’ interests with ongoing changes to the site to cater for investor browsing behaviour. Our inbuilt profiling mechanism, builds profiles of all website browsers for optimal investor browsing insight.

Through our extensive research and development in this area, we are highly skilled at turning website viewers into company followers, as such, continually building your investor mailing list.

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