ICAT Digital Advertising

ICAT Digital Advertising

Through digital advertising, investors can be targeted by demographic, income, investment criteria and occupation. It is through digital advertising you can see your list of investors and potential investors grow significantly.

StocksDigital, through its proprietary ICAT Algorithm, searches for and locates potential investors on the internet and constistently advertises your company’s articles and content to them.

StocksDigital has invested over $1.5 million to date on design, development and refinement of ICAT to assist its clients to attract and acquire a sustained long term investor audience, through the distribution of a consistent company message utilising digital advertising.

By using StocksDigital, you have the luxury of spending money with a company who knows who to target, so every advertising dollar spent is on people who are looking to invest in companies just like yours. StocksDigital has the knowledge and experience to understand which audience to target for maximum effect for your company.

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