Investor Mailing List

Investor Mailing List / Database

Every company has a mailing list – do you know who is on yours and if it is up to date?

Through emails from the CEO to the creation of industry specific eBooks, your mailing list should be ever growing as more investors start to follow your company. Don’t rely solely on the distribution of ASX announcements for this.

Our Services include
  • StocksDigital will create and send monthly ‘emails from the CEO’ to this database
  • StocksDigital will disseminate company announcements and other information to this database
  • Creation of an industry specific ‘eBook’ for your website which will be offered as an incentive for potential investors to subscribe to your mailing list
  • Use proven techniques to convert website visitors to subscribers using our ICAT Algorithm
  • StocksDigital will manually add details from business cards and emails that you provide us
  • Direct channel to your company’s specific audience

Leveraging off our extensive mailing list management experience, StocksDigital will build and maintain a quality investor database, which brings leads into one cohesive environment, entirely owned by your company.

Stocksdigital will turn your mailing list into a high end tool to continually reach out to investors and interested parties, keeping them in the loop of company and industry news and key issues.

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