Investors News Service

Investor News Services

Dedicated news coverage of company announcements is a key driver in garnering new investors.

Whilst people can look at your website, they will conduct a broader search of the news to see which companies are making the headlines.

StocksDigital provides a dedicated financial news website where company announcements will be featured as news articles – guaranteeing coverage for each announcement.

A news report is written each time a market sensitive announcement is released.

Our Services include

  • Third party news source coverage of your company – content will coincide with key news flow
  • News distributed by investor news mobile app and website to get in front of investors
  • Releasing journalistic news articles that cover key company messages
  • During low news flow periods, we continue to engage with investors via the generation of relevant industry content

StocksDigital is not simply a website displaying articles or expanding on ASX announcements, we are an approved Apple and Google news provider, meaning our client articles are pushed out to a wider audience base through these world leading news suppliers.

Articles also display on Google Finance News.

Clients receive investor engagement longevity through all news content remaining on our site permanently, therefore continuing to appear in news searches across these world leading news sources.

The more your company’s name is out there, the more investors see your news.

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