Marketing Bursts

Marketing Bursts

Heavily promoting good news (price catalysts) as soon as it appears across all modern digital channels can be the key driver for a significant share price lift.

Stocks Digital can assist your company through the saturation of the web using our ICAT Algorithm, to gain large traction and engagement quickly.

ICAT allows ASX companies to attract and acquire a sustained, long term, investor audience by distributing a consistent company message through varied digital content that is amplified and widely distributed online using digital advertising algorithms.

Marketing Bursts are a 1 week campaign distributing initiation and update articles.

Our Services include
  • Immediate promotion of near term potential price catalysts
  • Articles pushed out across all modern digital channels
  • High impact marketing campaign – gain large traction and engagement quickly

StocksDigital’s team of professional writers tailor make each marketing burst to specifically target investors. The key benefit of promoting this way is we are targeting investors who could be looking to take a position in your company.

Through the long term engagement of StocksDigital products including marketing bursts, our clients have experienced share price rices of over 260%, 360%, 600% and even up to 680%.

NB: The past performance of our products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Products are subject to market forces.

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