Research Coverage

Research Coverage

When investors consider taking a position in your company, third party research is key in providing up to date information pertaining to your company’s assets, strategy, financials and pricing forecasts.

However out of date research can be as useful as no research at all. You need to ensure third party research is regularly updated and investors can digest the company and its story in a clean and concise manner.

Via our experienced team of writers and journalists, StocksDigital can produce in depth analysis of company story, projects, milestones and goals distributed by an online investor publication.

We provide a detailed stock initiation report followed by further in-depth updates every 4-6 weeks.

Our Services include
  • Complex company concepts and overall story broken down and clearly presented in an entertaining, engaging way through initiation article
  • Distribution of content via channels that are the ‘go-to’ source for active investors
  • Follow up articles based on company updates and newsflow
  • Creation of advertising material that will engage potential investors

Our articles are unique in that they are not simply sent out in one mail and forgotten about, they are distributed via multiple channels in addition to our own database.

By remaining live on our website, you are guaranteed continual viewings from interested investors.

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