Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is a vital tool for a company in investor engagement; you can literally reach thousands of investors across myriad platforms at the touch of a button.

Over 50% of all Australians check their social media over 5 times a day with Facebook users spending the equivalent of one full working day a week on the site, at 8.5 hours per week.

Online engagement from companies through social media can play a key role in converting viewers to followers with over 62% of people proving open to change their views on a company if it is responding directly to negative feedback on social media.*

Our Services include
  • Set up and manage all company social media platforms (including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • Target potential investors by communicating your company’s message, announcements and industry relevant news
  • StocksDigital posts approved content on a daily basis across all the company’s social media channels
  • Acquire followers* that have a genuine interest in your company and can be communicated to on an ongoing basis

*All followers acquired will be company owned

Investors typically rely on social media for company updates, particularly if they are watching numerous stocks, so you need to ensure your social media strategy is both thorough and reliable.

StocksDigital will enhance your digital communications strategy through multi-channel promotion of your company. Actively working on moving with the times, our research and development team is constantly seeking new ways to utilise social media on behalf of our client companies.

StocksDigital handles all social media enquiries on behalf of clients – if a negative response is received, we are quick to contact the company for a discussion on the preferred response and will get back to the reader asap – this guaranteed communication with followers increases the likelihood of maintaining a following / investment.

* Sensis Social Media Report May 2015

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